What types of datasets are stored here?

Our explorer primarily consists of small-scale datasets, each typically under 32 GB in size. We've intentionally curated these datasets to facilitate seamless usage for builders participating in hackathons and similar events. These datasets encompass a diverse range of use cases, reflecting the breadth of possibilities in today's environment. Our goal is to collect datasets that cover a wide spectrum of general use cases, ensuring that builders have access to the resources they need to bring their ideas to life.

How often is the Dataset Explorer updated?

The Dataset Explorer is updated regularly to ensure that our collection remains comprehensive and up-to-date. We actively incorporate new datasets based on feedback from builders like you and insights gathered by our team.

How do I retrieve a file or a dataset?

Retrieving your desired file or dataset is a straightforward process, facilitated by multiple gateways available on our platform. Depending on your preferences and setup, you have several options: Boost or Lotus Configuration, Lighthouse IPFS Gateway, Lassie Client, Saturn, etc. Choose the method that best suits your requirements and workflow, and seamlessly access the files and datasets you need for your projects.

Can I propose a new dataset to be stored?

Absolutely! We encourage and welcome your suggestions for new datasets to be added to our repository. Simply fill out the form provided here, and our team will endeavor to bring your proposed dataset onboard. To ensure accessibility and legality, we kindly request that you suggest datasets that are openly sourced, allowing everyone to access them easily.

What happened to the former datasets and previous site?

The original Filecoin Dataset Explorer website, now accessible at https://legacy.datasets.filecoin.io/, was initially designed to showcase datasets stored on the Filecoin mainnet. These datasets were sourced from initiatives like Space Race 2: Slingshot and other sources, presenting them in a unified interface. The primary goal was to provide users with a platform to locate public and open-access datasets within the Filecoin network.

In February 2024, the site underwent repurposing to cater to smaller-scale datasets stored on the Filecoin Calibration testnet. These datasets are tailored to benefit builders participating in hackathons and similar events, aligning with the evolving needs of the community.